The power of Graph Search is social recommendation

Some quick thought on the introduction of Graph Search by Facebook. Of course it can be handy to be able to find stuff you posted before yourself. And maybe even the filtering of your timeline and stuff of you and your friends by making add-like queries. This is what we see in the promo movies that are released after the launch.

But is the real power of this function not in something else. In the mobile version of this search. Something that gets Facebook really going on mobile even. I make a link to another app that does not succeeded after the introduction at SxSW in 2011, Ditto. This app was very well designed and smart in the purpose. This app meant to give you the opportunity to share your intentions in the short term in order to make your social peers aware and create rendezvous moments. The way to create the events was beautiful and it is still one of the best designed mobile apps. It lacked however the necessary user base and with that the data to create interesting experiences. And without that no users were starting to use it. It was simply just another social network for most of us.

I think a Ditto like design and service build on the data of Facebook and interacts like the new Graph Search could make a great service for getting recommendations. A smart search that integrates the context awareness could be a serious competitor for Google Now. With the data of Facebook this kind of data could make it into a social driven recommendation tool on the spot.

And for the controlling of the app could it even be an important tool to let voice controlled interaction commands tipping.

Quick thought, feels like an interesting route to me, however needs some extra thinking to make it into a real valuable tool. That is easier if we have experienced the Graph Search in real life. Curious to see how it turns out, or better, how it is played out.

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I am a design director at Structural. I curate and organize ThingsCon Netherlands and I am chairman of the Cities of Things Foundation. Before I was innovation and strategy director at tech and innovation agency INFO, visiting researcher and lab director at the Delft University of Technology coordinating Cities of Things Delft Design Lab.

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