Weeknotes 147; soft and cuddly robots

Hi all. This week I will do a short(er) update and collection of news as I have been busy with some proposal writing on top of the normal activities.

Last week I missed out on a lot but I did attend two sessions of the Low Carbon Design Institute (LoCDI), one with Rachel Jones of D-Ford, the innovation department of Ford who is doing research into urban mobility, and one with Ugo Vallauri of The Restart Project. To keep it short, one of the main take-aways for both their talks is that the impact of producing products on CO2 and the environment is much higher than the use on a general note. So enduring the lifetime of products is a good strategy for fighting climate change. I think it is interesting to think about the role of shifting functionality from the physical capabilities to the software embedded in hybrid product-service systems; in cars, the over the air updates are becoming more and more common, and you see for instance that services as Peerby stimulate the design of more durable (and with that more sharable) products. It is on the other hand counterproductive to block the possibility for repairing the devices we use most and are having huge impacts like our phones. I hope Apple will make this a priority next to cleaner production and the intentions of being good with privacy ruling. You can sign a petition on the right to repair in UK and Europe via The Repair Project.

Speaking on Apple. For those who missed the WWDC keynote, it was a bit as expected and predicted last week. No fireworks but a solid path to a focus on spatial technology both in concrete products as on the connection of the real world to the Apple ecosystem. The hottest demo was the of course the universal access that stresses the Apple ecosystem strategy.

For this week I might have a look at CogX as I got a free pass some time ago (judging all the promotion I think there might be more). On this Wednesday I am invited to reflect in a panel on the talk of Jessica Groopman at Sensemakers AMS, check out more information on the Meetup page.

Ok, let’s check for some of the news. First a personal share: I was interviewed for Tweewieler some time ago to reflect on the future of cargo bikes in 2050. The video series is now online, I am part of the last one, but the others are also interesting to watch if you are interested in mobility in the city.

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