Weeknotes 165; hot robot collabs

Thanks for subscribing! Let me share with you another short update and interesting news bits of last week.

First: we just opened the registration for ThingsCon 2021 officially today (I announced last week already). With all the changes in Covid-19 rulings it is not easy to organize an in-person event and it is still not sure what the latest rulings will be. So it will be flexible; I hope we can do the in-person workshops like we planned them, otherwise we change to fully online…

Check the latest on the program and registration at our website.

Next to finalising this last week was a week with planning activities, discussing field lab project, student meetings, etc. I did not attend any events or watched products announcements like the week before. I did visit the freshly opened Depot museum though. Officially not primarily a museum of course, but a art depot made public. You could think about scenarios where this will be part of a kind of metaverse experience too but I can say you will miss a lot of experience of the building. 

This week I will be a couple of days off but will check out Glow in Eindhoven. It is a kind of tradition to do this although it is getting busier and busier. Last year it was cancelled of course so curious to see the turn out this year…

Checking some agendas I see you can attend a session on the digi-mens at De Zwijger in Amsterdam, linked to Tegenlicht tv doc last evening. I need to rewatch that. It seems to focus on the possibilities to create a human face representation to interface with robots or VR-avatars. I am not so sure about this approach; let the robots be robots :)

On Thursday IAM Weekend will start both in-person in Barcelona as online.If you are into proposing workshops, know that the MozFest deadline is extended to this weekend. Mozfest will take place in Amsterdam and online next year in March. Key theme is trustworthy AI, very relevant.

Ok, let’s dive into some interesting news articles of last week (via Revue).

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