Weeknotes 172; predictive systems

Happy holiday break! At least, that is it for me. So this week I skip a full newsletter but I share the articles I captured during the week roughly. Normally I use my Sunday evening and Monday to go through the newsletters and RSS feeds of last week, but I respect my holidays… I finished a planned-to-be-Monthly update though for Cities of Things. It feels it can use some more work but I share it as a moment of refecting; the Web3-ownership model deserves fleshing out more; we had some first thought exchange at General Seminar of last week on stewardship vs ownership vs responsibility. I might update the post later ;-)

For now let me wish you a great year-ending although we are still in a lockdown here, so no big parties and no fireworks… See you in 2022!

10 – predictive systems shaping an ownership economy
“In this reflective blog I like to dive into one of the fundamental concepts of Cities of Things that is touched upon in several posts but deserve a specific fleshing out I think; the active and initiating role of the bottom-up based network of objects that builds a Cities of Things, what makes a Cities of Things stand out other smart city concepts.”
The Web3 Renaissance: A Golden Age for Content – by Li Jin
Good overview of the shift Web3 is all about, and a starting point for reflection.
‘Starting to freak us out’: Robot’s realistic response stuns engineers – NZ Herald
“Engineers behind a new Ameca robot have admitted its realism was ‘freaky’” It is by design I would say…
Mobileye Launches Pilot For Autonomous, On-Demand Car Service In Paris
“Riders will be able to use the service through Moovit, the Israeli smart transit data company Intel bought last year.”

Back with full edition next week!

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