Weeknotes 195; intelligent car play

Dear subscribers. A day later; due to busi-ness and the day off for Whit Monday) we had yesterday. It might be the last week that I mention ThingsCon as the conference will take place this Friday. Maybe not the last week, I might report next week on the experiences.

For now, I leave it here with another shout-out. Check the latest program including exhibiting projects. You are of course still warmly invited to join and check it out for yourself!

About last week: I did visit Micromobility Europe. More tradeshow than sharing visions on the role of mm in our lives and our cities; which I missed a bit.

So many scooters, steps, e-bikes and other micro vehicles that all share an electric drivetrain and some smartness via a phone. Service providers were there in that sense often what is.

Regulations were a hot topic. The Triggo vehicle showed the impact of regulations; this electric bike/motor has adjustable parts that can adapt to certain regulations. About the width for passing traffic jams, playing a motorcycle (if allowed). It also leans in the corners. It is in the end a kind of over-the-top maybe, but it mainly indicates how rules are becoming more and more defining entities in design.

Embedded intelligence. That is an important topic in product development and beyond. Just watch the Apple keynote on WWDC last Monday and it is clear that this is a year of embedded intelligence, more than added intelligence or intelligence on its own. Next year we will see how this translates to augmented reality if RealityOS is finally introduced?

Events for this week

So of course you can join ThingsCon, or travel to Milan for the Salone like some do (the side program). Aitech Agora has a hybrid version of the series. Kostas Tsiakas ticks a lot of boxes in one title: Designing Human-AI interactions using Explainnable and Human-in-the-loop AI

DataLab studio has a demo event with projects of Responsible Sensing Lab this Thursday afternoon. I will miss it preparing ThingsCon.

The Low Carbon Design Institute starts its residency this week. You can visit (online) separate talks over the course of the coming weeks.

This looks like an interesting workshop on the (eco)systemic challenges in AI. Next week, but apply is needed.

News from last week

A quick overview this time. In a week that Musk is trying more and more to withdraw from the Twitter deal and Sheryl Sandberg is leaving Meta, what opens even more towards focus there in the coming year…

Apple CarPlay is expanding with new features that can integrate deeper into the car
APPLE – This might be one of the bigger surprises of this weeks WWDC “Apple CarPlay can now connect to the instrument panel and integrate deeply within the vehicle. The features should come to new cars by next year.”
Radar Trends to Watch: June 2022
TRENDS – The extensive list of this month with developments in Programming, Metaverse, Hardware, and More
Spaces: dalle-mini / dalle-mini Copied like 886 Running
INTELLIGENCE – “Discover amazing ML apps made by the community” with this mini version of the often addressed Dall-E 
A First Small Step Toward a Lego-Size Humanoid Robot – IEEE Spectrum
ROBOTICS – The quest for different types of robots that can integrate in our lifes. “How small can a bipedal robot get?”
Closer to AGI? – O’Reilly
INTELLIGENCE – “DeepMind’s new model, Gato, has sparked a debate on whether artificial general intelligence (AGI) is nearer–almost at hand–just a matter of scale.”
California regulators approve state’s 1st robotic taxi fleet 
AUTONOMOUS – “California regulators on Thursday gave a robotic taxi service the green light to begin charging passengers for driverless rides in San Francisco, a first in a state where dozens of companies have been trying to train vehicles to steer themselves on increasingly congested roads.”
Apple’s Passkey Replaces Passwords With iPhone and Mac Authentication | WIRED
SECURITY UX – “Apple’s iOS 16 and macOS Ventura will introduce passwordless login for apps and websites. It’s only the beginning.”
Artificial Skin Gives Robots Sense of Touch and Beyond | www.caltech.edu
SCITOBOR – “A new kind of printable skin allows robots—and by extension their human operators—to sense the world around them.” 
My robot and I: Why we decided to create our own office robot
ROBOTICS – More robot bonding happening: “When people ask about the use case for robots in offices, they clearly haven’t experienced the joy of seeing one trundling around, dodging napping dogs, expertly navigating the route from kitchen to cubicle and back with chips, sodas, and happy hour provisions.”
New Roomba operating system has no new features, but vast dreams  | Ars Technica
ROBOTICS – Propositions are now about the emotional insights of the robots… “iRobot aims to differentiate its robots with software through OS rebrand.”

Paper for this week

This one passed somewhere in one of the streams last week and it feels rather on the topic: Sense and the city: An Emotion Data Framework for smart city governance. Christian Nold has a reputation (with me) that he can sharply analyze the topics addressed.

The paper offers a framework of smart city participation with emotion data by focusing on the Bio Mapping project, where physiological sensors are used as participatory mapping approach that led to urban planning.

Willis, K. S., & Nold, C. (2022). Sense and the city: An Emotion Data Framework for smart city governance. Journal of Urban Management

Find the paper here.

See you next week!

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