Weeknotes 226; playful thinking machines

playful thinking machines (MidJourney)

Hi all.

Wars and natural disasters, rough times… Hard to shift to that totally different dispute, another week full of developments in the A.I. Arms Race… Microsoft declaring war… Google lost 100 billion in value due to one presentation; Last week I mentioned the announcement of Bard, but the presentation on Wednesday was disappointing. Everyone was surprised at how little progress the AI-first company had made in years. Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella, in the meantime, made an interesting frame: all computing will start with a draft

While preparing an update and roadmap for the AI strategy for Structural, I got back to a reflection pre ChatGPT on the role of the model by Bratton and Barcas “The Model is the Message“, referencing the famous McLuhan of course; the difference between services will be defined by the models you use; OpenAI, Google, or others. And with ChatGPT the UI is becoming more and more key to defining freshness and quality.

The integration of AI functions has become part of all. Or just ChatGPT integrations, like in Opera browser. Microsoft is going one step further with AI copilot as part of Edge browserChainGPT, is an AI model designed for blockchain. The development was nicely framed by The New Yorker as “ChatGPT is a blurry jpeg of the web”. New variants are popping up in different big tech, like in China with Alibaba.  Much more can be found in the noticed news of last week.

Before jumping to these, here are some potential interesting events to join online or in person…

Three events further ahead: Interesting 2023MozfestThingsCon Salon.

And now on to the News:

AI VERTIGO – “AI vertigo comes from trying to balance thorny questions with the excitement posed by a technology that offers to understand us and cater to our whims in unexpected, perhaps unprecedented ways.”

AI DARKNESS – Gary Marcus is a critical scholar following the GPT hausse. “It’s a disaster in the making.” He believes in the potential of AI, but is reluctant to the current hype. “The possibilities are now endless for propaganda, troll farms, and rings of fake websites that degrade trust across the internet.”

PLAY AS DESIGN – I have been reading earlier works of Miguel Sicart and looking forward to this one for sure. “Play reminds us that this world is ours to make but also ours to unmake—that we can create all kinds of rules to shape who we are and what we think the world is, but that we can also break them.”

HERITAGE AI – We know this is not the first AI spring. 

TRENDS – Benedict published his yearly forecasting slidedeck; on the new gatekeepers, and two other trends for 2023: the end of three money, and dreams for the future. Full of stats as always. Everything Generative…

OPINION – “This post will make the case that the era of Big Data is over. It had a good run, but now we can stop worrying about data size and focus on how we’re going to use it to make better decisions.”

REAL INTELLIGENCE – What can we learn for our AI design?

FORECASTING – Is Dark a source of light?

THE P WORD – No surprise this comes up; the real danger is the ultimate adaptiveness packed as sincere intelligence.

TRACKING AND TRACING – Someone marked this news as a step to an ultimo tracking system for our behavior as soon as presence data can be roamed…

SOLUTIONISM – Would that work? Train fairness in the systems.

QUANTUM – There is more than GPT…

LOGISTICS – “Ecosystems best suit dynamic business environments with complex and evolving technical systems. In contrast, supply chains are best suited for environments where firms can exert control on key resources across multiple firms.”

WORLD TWINNING – Intriguing visualisations too.

ROBOTICS – It felt long as an endless research project, but there is a new phase towards real use now, apparently.

LMV – Deeper research on delivery bots.

NEW HACKING – Trojan horse’s new style…

PROGRESSING PROGRESS – At one of my first SXSW visits I attended a talk from a designer talking on the impact of the progress bar on our experience of the video and other linear media. It was a good talk. It came back to mind reading these thoughts on the contextual progress bar.

THINGS – Some good old physical news…

EXAMPLE GALORE – Looking for examples, the monthly newsletter of O’Reilly is there again.

And some other links:

Paper for the week

And to close, another interesting academic paper.

Ecosystems and supply chains: How do they differ and relate

“We study the evolution of the concept of ecosystems through a systematic review of the literature to describe how the two concepts relate throughout this evolution.

“We also show that practically supply chains and ecosystems can either compete or complement each other and we present some of the conditions for the emergence of such relations.

Hervé Legenvre, Ari-Pekka Hameri, Ruggero Golini, Ecosystems and supply chains: How do they differ and relate, Digital Business, Volume 2, Issue 2, 2022, 100029, ISSN 2666-9544, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.digbus.2022.100029.

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