People are the sensors

Last Friday Kevin Kelly did an interview via a Google Hangout for Fast Moving Targets. In this part of a interview with Kelly he is talking on the quantified self and a new form there where collecting blood is an indicator for the toxic in our environment. Starting from about 45:46.

This is interesting and reminded me to some things Usman Haque said that same day at the Social Cities of Tomorrow conference: the people are the sensors. He refers in that sense to the way people that process the data from the sensors are more important than the data that is sensed. And the value emerges not before the processed data is shared.

The example of Kelly goes even a bit further, but the concept is the same. You will see that when we will be collecting more and more it is not directly benefiting ourselves, but in the end we are taking the role of sensors for the community cause, for the collective intelligence in a way.

The rules of thumb for successful social software that Tom Coates made years ago, are valid for the new sensor world too. A successful connected service is only achieved when:

  • it benefits yourself (quantified self)
  • it benefits your social peers (as reference for instance)
  • it benefits the system to leverage all the collective data

Interesting stuff to elaborate on.

Diversity defines the features

I proposed a talk for Reboot this year. It accumulates my feelings on a emerging trend on impulse shaped services. In the period heading to the conference I’ll try to connect findings on this topic from others if I ran into them.

Great thoughts of Kevin Kelly as ever. In an extensive post as always he talks on the increasing diversity in technology, in his model of the technium. I agree on his vision and see a lot of challenging developments.

Once one to one marketing was the holy grail. The digital revolution was making a personalized communication possible. It turns out to be impractical and expensive. Segmentation is still the dominant manner. Based on the ideas of diversity we see a one to one product development emerge.
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The next 6500 days

Afgelopen eDay gaf ik op eDay een presentatie over onze visie op de exploding website. De grotere trends heb ik daarin als context proberen te schetsen. Van cloudcomputing tot internet of things. Zie de presentatie op slideshare.

Nu zag ik vanavond de presentatie van Kevin Kelly op het afgelopen web 2.0 seminar. Daarin vertelt hij op een zeer krachtige en inspirerende manier over zijn visie op de komende 6500 dagen van het web, en gaat hij nog een stapje verder. Ik kan het niet meer eens zijn met hem! Een aanrader dus.