Lift your life to the near future

From February 2 till 4 the Lift Conference took place in Geneva. A conference “about current and emerging usage of digital technologies such as online communities, social media and casual games. Participants come to better understand the challenges and opportunities presented by digital technologies, and meet the people who drive these innovations.”

A mouth full, but the conference turned out to be one of the top conferences for the quality of the speakers and talks. Together with 999 others I had a great time with lots of inspiration. I will try to share some of my impressions. To give a full report is too much to do. However, I did rather extended tweets (if the talk was interesting of course), so I listed here per session the link to a keepstream page and give some highlights, with the use of the visual notes made by Alchemy.

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My highlights of Lift11

I will do an extensive post later this week with my learnings out of the Lift Conference 2011. I attended this conference last week and had a great time. The level of the talks was very high, far above the average of the usual conference in my opinion.

I collected my tweets on the different session on keepstream. You can watch all video recordings of the talks on the Lift website. My list of top speakers:

  • Kevin Slavin
  • Ben Hammersley
  • Chris Heathcote
  • Yasmine Abbas
  • Marcel Kampman
  • Etienne Mineur
  • Hasan Elahi