Wrapping up Picnic after day 3

Today the last day of Picnic 2008. I can’t report on any highlights today, so I will take the change to do some overall wrapping up and drawing some conclusions of Picnic 2008.

Before doing so, I have to be honest; it was not all bad this friday. I had a good time at the service design lab in the morning and discovered the similarities between our work at Info.nl of designing online services and the design of service concepts in the broader – process driven – way. I think it is a good initiative to start the Service Design Network in the Netherlands and I will follow them closely.

The presentation of Metaio on augmented reality added some examples to the theme of thursday on the internet of things. And I should mention the talk of Jim Stolze on virtual happiness he is going to investigate; a real interesting topic.

But now for some wrapping up…

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The secrets and lies of day 2 of Picnic

Today it was day 2 for me at Picnic and just like day one I wasn’t disappointed. Of course it was not all top quality, but there was enough to trigger my thoughts (despite there were no real new insights). Even apart from all the pleasant meet-ups outside the conference hall of course.

The theme of the day was without a doubt the connection between real and virtual life e.g. the internet of things with the talks of Rafi Haladjian, Michael Tchao and Adam Greenfield.
But also the talk of Genevieve Bell about secrets and lies can be related to this theme.

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What was unsaid on Picnic

The first day of Picnic was short, but I saw some interesting talks already. Aaron Koblin showed some great visualization-projects like the New York Talk Exchange and a great videoclip without cameras for Radiohead.
The closing talk of Itay Talgam was entertaining. He connects management theories to classical music conducting styles.

And there was an interesting discussion on the emerging real-time social web. On paper interesting, but in my opinion the real topic was not addressed.

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