A new era for search?

Two interesting developments in the world of search reached the news lately. Both connected strongly to the factor of time. Google rolls out the realtime search and becoming a topic based knowledge stream. While Yahoo is experimenting with a search tool with a timeline. Facebook is also busy to enter the search domain focusing on the enhancement of search with the social graph. Question is if this is signaling a new era of search or just an natural evolution.

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Waved notes on Design by Fire

Today I attended the Design by Fire conference. For me it was the first time, I heard a lot of good stories from last years edition and always like to see Matt Jones of course. It was a pleasant day with nice people and some good talks. Where especially Matt Jones delivers to my expectations with a great talk on the element of time in good experience design.

During the conference I also did an interesting experiment in taking the notes using Google Wave together with Taco Ekkel. For me it was the real first functional use of Wave, and it surely was promising. And it connects wonderful with the leading theme of the day for me; designing for real-timing experiences.
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The next ubiquitous services

In an article of Winston Ross which he wrote for Newsweek (but wasn’t published) I found some interesting teasing quotes. The article itself asks the question what the next Twitter will be. That is a question that is often asked, but in essence not relevant. What is interesting however, is one of the subquestions that emerges: which are the services that will be unmissable, that will be part of our daily routine and become ubiquitous.
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