Thoughts on the Walled Garden

Last week I attended the conference Walled Garden that found place in the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam. Organized by the foundation Virtueel Platform. A very interesting topic as far as I’m concerned; I even presented a talk on Reboot last year on the same topic.

What is the Walled Garden? As the organization it puts:

WALLED GARDEN will address issues of identity, mobile communities and networks by focussing on the tendency towards online gated and closed communities. How does this affect the (in)accessibility of information and knowledge?

So what is future of communities in social media. As the networks become more popular and the use more personal, will we close then our community? And what kind of organization will emerge out of it?

The conference was divided in some plenary sessions and in depth workgroup sessions on of the aspects of the Walled Garden. My workgroup discussed about the future of cultural organizations, with aim to come up with a model for an organization that act completely in a virtual environment.

What did I think of the conference?

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What was unsaid on Picnic

The first day of Picnic was short, but I saw some interesting talks already. Aaron Koblin showed some great visualization-projects like the New York Talk Exchange and a great videoclip without cameras for Radiohead.
The closing talk of Itay Talgam was entertaining. He connects management theories to classical music conducting styles.

And there was an interesting discussion on the emerging real-time social web. On paper interesting, but in my opinion the real topic was not addressed.

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