Closing personal statements

Trying to register some of the interesting statements of the last to
days it is time for some closing personal remarks. I have the time
now, the closing panel discussion is a bit boring, something that
happpens a lot in this kind of conferences (“why is this conference
an industry centred event; where are the consumers” how naive you can

I think Picnic was an overall inspiring conference. The surroundings
of the buildings and it interiors contribute highly. As well as the
feeling that everyone was present. But lucky enough also by some of
the sessions and presentations. Especially thursday morning with
Pixar (all about great teams and selling the story) and Gary from
FremantleMedia (in fifteen minutes everyone will be famous). Marc
Canter has a big role with its discussion on API’s with Craigslist,
but also in his friday session. And Linda with her theory on
continuous partly attention.

There were lowlights. John de Mol has not a lot new insights and I
think that MTV disqualifies itself with the old fashioned marketing
experience. You expect from this company the execution of the
theories from Joseph Jaffe on the New Marketing.

It is a pity I missed the IPTV sessions because of the crowds. The
friday was to fragmented for a good judgement.

I will try to create a more reflecting post, but for now I conclude
to state that the Picnic is a great addidtion to the different events
on different media. Hopefully next year they hire a strong moderator
for the whole day and skip the obligate panel session.

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I am a design director at Structural. I curate and organize ThingsCon Netherlands and I am chairman of the Cities of Things Foundation. Before I was innovation and strategy director at tech and innovation agency INFO, visiting researcher and lab director at the Delft University of Technology coordinating Cities of Things Delft Design Lab.

One thought on “Closing personal statements”

  1. Great that you took the time to take notes. Some nice insights here. I’m not surprised you feel MTV has been overtaken by the new media. Sad but true. If you like Picnic, I’m sure you’ll love Reboot!

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