Statements from Picnic06: Joseph Jaffe

* Joseph Jaffe, Author of “Life after the 30-Second Spot” (United

It all about the choice

There are no more best practices only different practices

The choice, the clutter and the confusion is the thing that is changed

Why it changes:
1. too much clutter
2. creativity sucks
3. consumers aren’t as stupid as they used to be
4. unacceptable levels of wastage

The days of the cheap tv is over; an add is very expensive to buy
time from your consumers
zontal to extendAre you part of the problem or are you part of the


Life cycle has been accelerated and compressed
– we are only as good as our last transaction

New Branding requires New Metrics

Who know the brand better? Burn your brandguide and listen to your

Integration is…
it is not added in the end
could be “necromancer”; the dream team

integratoin continuum
vertical to amplify
horizontal to extend

three new roles for marketing: invole, demostrate, involve

interconsumpability; the consumer does not differentiate between media

customize mediaband per consumer, different routes (see virtual warmth

Telling REAL stories are no lineair stories, not predictable not one
story for all of us.
A good story has a beginning and an end, They can go fore and back.

The internet is the Integrator
Think of the train station and the different routes and targets to be
there. To start or to end a yourney, or just to be there, etc.

Integration could be the Atom

Save Advertising From Extinction
Make advertising relevant again
retire the 30 second spot before it retires you and see the 30
seconds as metaphor
embrace new marketing

New Marketing Blueprint
Always on – Wireless – Search – Netweks
Experience – involvement – permission – conversation

history and future of communication
one 2 many >> one 2 one >> one from one >> many 2 many

content is king (…)
CGC: in the eyes of the consumer all content is created equally
53% is believed CGC

Make the right kind of mistakes; the one you learn from

Cause New Marketing
Let’s change the world; the should stand for something

The Future
Consumers will pay for content with their time or money
Advertising on demand; relevant to self selection
Less commericals determined by consumers in length

A Marketing Renaissance is to be born – the 3-year plan

from 4 p’s to 5 c’s > customizatoin, content, context, community,

reach (exposure to amplify)
connect (engagement to extend)
effect (experience to enhance

communication >> conversation >> transformation

tactical > strategic > organisational > cultural

It’s what i’ve never seen before that I recognize…

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I work as strategy director, one of the oldest internet agencies in the Netherlands. Based in the heart of Amsterdam, specialized in the creation and realization of online services. Inspired on our models Virtual Warmth and Exploding Website and Realtime Company. I'm educated as Industrial Design Engineer I work since 1994 in digital media as interaction designer, concept developer and strategist. Enthusiastic of the added value of interactiveness and the social power of connected media I advice our client how to transform their products and services into online platforms. My passion lies in how human behavior works and is related to the use of products and services and the interactions with others. Looking for longtime developments and creating these to robust concepts.

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