PICNIC Innovation mashup

Last Tuesday I visited a new event organized by the PICNIC organization; the innovation mashup. In the morning four speakers shared their visions, of which those from Shell and IDEO stand out. In the afternoon there were different workshops organized to think on innovation. I attended the one of colleague agency Frog to experience their methods of creative collaborative thinking, which is comparable to the approach we have. Sitting together with people from different backgrounds thinking on a case was a good experience.

In stead of doing a full report I publish my Storified tweets. Marcel Kampman did a nice video report of the day too.

  1. iskandr
    Recipe. Create a business model and perform stress test on all elements per future scenarios. #picnic12
  2. iskandr
    @kevinrommen ik geloof dat het verschil niet zit in de creatieve oplossing, maar in de executie. Maar creativiteit is overal uiteraard.
  3. iskandr
    Corporate research is driven by speed vs failure. Failure is a gift. But be aware to own your own failure to learn. #picnic12 #shell
  4. iskandr
    ButterflyWorks: Everyone is an expert, make it count for commitment, play the orchestra for structure, analogies are your friends #picnic12
  5. iskandr
    Andrea Mallard of IDEO is super bored by talking on design thinking. The culture is more important to the success than the method #picnic12
  6. iskandr
    10 cultural quirks of IDEO. 1. Rituals vs rules. Rituals are more important, rules can enable the rituals. #picnic12
  7. iskandr
    Cuitural quirk 2. Play vs. work. Play is method to engage employees and quality of work. If it isnt fun it isnt working #ideo #picnic12
  8. iskandr
    Quirk 3. Personal vs. professional. Everybody cries at ideo. Because they care enough #picnic12
  9. iskandr
    Quirk 4. Failure vs. success. Fail talent show. Bad ideas has the chance to be great, good ideas are doomed to be good #picnic12
  10. iskandr
    Cultural quirk 5. Space vs. stuff. Space to enables the right kind of behaviour. In times of crises you don’t cut the m&m budget #picnic12
  11. iskandr
    Quirk 6. Prototyping vs. perfection. Invest nothing to be able to let go. Test ideas, not execution. #picnic12 #ideo
  12. iskandr
    Cultural quirk 8. Forgiveness vs. permission of initatives. 9. Purpose vs prize 10. Challengers vs. Followers #picnic12 #ideo
  13. iskandr
    Vodafone wants especially innovate on mhealth. DIY health. Because it happening, and the money flows there now #picnic12
  14. iskandr
    Complexity of the development of mhealth is the gap IT and health. A new challenge is organized by Vodafone. http://www.mobilesforgood.nl #picnic12

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I am a design director at Structural. I curate and organize ThingsCon Netherlands and I am chairman of the Cities of Things Foundation. Before I was innovation and strategy director at tech and innovation agency INFO, visiting researcher and lab director at the Delft University of Technology coordinating Cities of Things Delft Design Lab.

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