Some inspiration for Glass

When certain occurrences are happening at the same time it could be a signal of a new development. Like two videos I ran into this evening. When I saw the first one I was wondering if this first person shooter inspired violent video was more inspired by console game culture or by the Russian dash cam culture, because of the nationality of the makers.


Then I saw another video, that has also a heavy part of first person footage in it, totally distorted to fit the music.


And that made me think these are the signals of our future reality, as art is often an signal for the future. This is how Glass will enter our world as a new common visual language.

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Iskander Smit is an innovation director at tech and innovation agency INFO, visiting researcher and lab director at the Delft University of Technology coordinating Cities of Things Delft Design Lab, and chairman and organizer of ThingsCon Netherlands.

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