Mobile as next step in connecting the world to Facebook

Coming Wednesday (November 3rd) Facebook will have an event on mobile. There are many speculations on the expected news, in that sense these events are becoming as hot as those of Apple, from new mobile apps to a Facebook phone. I’m not gonna predict, but I can think what would be interesting. As Facebook does all the time; it will look for a solution that connect the world to Facebook.

Mobile is important for Facebook and will be more important in locking in people to the service. The integration with voice can be interesting in an mobile environment, now they are partnering with Skype. So let’s say; you get a call icon with every post to directly call that one using the technology of Skype. Every account is automatically hooked up to Skype. You don’t need a Skype account (or telephone number anymore), your Facebook identity is your entrance to voice communication. In that sense Facebook will add 500 million accounts to Skype, with whom they joined forces.

I don’t think it is necessary for Facebook to offer their own phone. In contrary, good apps for all platforms where Skype is integrated will be enough to change the way we call today. The weakest point for using Skype as replacement for normal telephone use is the lack of installed base. Not all your friends are on Skype, and Skype is not active all the time. Roaming between mobile and facebook accounts with skype will change that perception.

I think it could be really exciting to see what Facebook will introduce. If it will be the backward integration of Skype it could be as game changing as the social graph tools to connect the world to Facebook.