Statements from Picnic06; keynote 3

People’s Media

* Dan Gillmor, Founder and Director, Center for Citizen Media (United

be skeptikal to new journalism

People will do it themselves

Random journalism

Business models
micro publising

mash ups are most interesting

new evolution: from daily to daily us (newsvine)

popularity is not enough, add reputation

* Dan Gillmor, Founder and Director, Center for Citizen Media (United
* Craig Newmark, Founder and Customer Service Representative,
craigslist (United States)
* Marc Canter, Founder and CEO, Broadband Mechanics and Founder,
People Aggregator and Co-Founder, Macromedia (United States)

People are content

Each will be part of a number of social networks with a maximum of
2500 members
Tools will emerge that connect the networks
Example a network per music bands

Everyone will be on top of the list

Every software will have social network functionality

Wisdom of crowd really works if you pay a little bit of attention

Business model: support in creating the networks

Myspace is succesful because it is a party with a lot of beautiful
Over 2 milion bands are on Myspace
Myspace si a digital lifestyle aggreator; enables all kinds of all
different kind of digital functions

Open identity. The identity game
Connect the different systems. Together with Microsoft
Federated identity
With open identity you can input output
With micro formats

MC has all the tools, asks for a API from CN

We do need multiple identity systems (multiple persona feature)

MC is not one of the 37signals-school (a software product is about
just one feature)

Will copyright on content disappear? Maybe not as regulation, but as
insight of companies that realize that there are better profitable
models than copyrights (DG)

Youtube will be the next Napster in the coming months )MC)

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