Statements from Picnic06; panelsession 2

Virtual Worlds, Real Lives

* Philip Rosedale, Founder, Linden Lab/Second Life (United States)
My Second Life

The key to second life; you make everything of the environment

Engine for creative projection

The space is one uniform space

More is different

44% usage female usage hours (in comparison to 25% users)
median age = 31
50% international

Retailng in Second Life; can earn a living from it

Music is often a starting point in a community

Example; a club in SL; you can do a live performance in a club for
200 people out of home. 200 people all over the world

Entertainment comes first

Normal brands using second life as trend detector (for instance
American Appearal)

It is also an ideal simulation tool for instance for disaster management

The learning curve seems steap, but is in the end a lot easier in use
than say the internet…

* Andrew McGregor, Director, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Text100
(United Kingdom)
Virtual PR

The future: many to many

The credibility gap is changing

Communication strategies:
listen to the dialogue first
build loyalty within social networks
start experimenting now
look for technology changes now (like SL)

The power of loyalty within social networks is essiantial for
building brands in the future

Second life is a live experiment

Learn from the peers before the competion does

16.000 people in Netherlands, 800.000 in the world

* Sampo Karjalainen, Chief Creative Officer, Sulake (Finland)
My Virtual Hotel

61 million characters, 5,8 unique visitors, average 15 years

* Yme Bosma, Business Manager Eccky, Media Republic (the Netherlands)
Virtual baby

30.000 babies are created (by how many people???)

Eccky should be part of atrificial life; you can take your Exccky in
Second Life

Make a social network with Eccky; do multibabies with as many
different partners as possible

Try to integrate youtube films etc.

Eccky is the start of a whole different world…

* Friedrich Kirschner, Editor, Machinimag (Austria)

comparing gameplay
risk vs lego
simulated vs created

“breaking the rules of gaming”

creative play

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