My year in cities, 2008

Will this be a spreading thing? As Kottke started and inspired by Alper. Picked all cities from my Dopplr where I stayed at least one night (or more indicated with *).

  • Liege*
  • Berlin*
  • Lyon
  • Nice*
  • Turin*
  • Genoa*
  • Zurich
  • Zug
  • Rotterdam*
  • Copenhagen*
  • Brighton*
  • Dreischor*
  • Montreal*
  • Spa*
  • Castricum
  • Leiden

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I work as strategy director, one of the oldest internet agencies in the Netherlands. Based in the heart of Amsterdam, specialized in the creation and realization of online services. Inspired on our models Virtual Warmth and Exploding Website and Realtime Company. I'm educated as Industrial Design Engineer I work since 1994 in digital media as interaction designer, concept developer and strategist. Enthusiastic of the added value of interactiveness and the social power of connected media I advice our client how to transform their products and services into online platforms. My passion lies in how human behavior works and is related to the use of products and services and the interactions with others. Looking for longtime developments and creating these to robust concepts.

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