A’dam makers leveraging a movement

This afternoon I visited the first Amsterdam Makers session. The question if Amsterdam will be the Europe capital of the makers movement is not really answered, or even discussed, but the event offers a nice round up of the status of the makers movement.

It is not so important if Amsterdam is becoming the capital. Objectively more is happening in Eindhoven till now. Also is the makers culture in Amsterdam not new at all. Waag Society and Fablab are very active for quite some time. And there are happening very interesting things in Open Coop with DUS Architects, who were not represented in this event. It is good to see how the broadening trend is picked up and not only here a lot of vibe emerges. Signposts like the activities of Tim O’Reilly in the Makers Movement and the move of Chris Anderson from Wired to a new 3D company.

This afternoon it was interesting to see how Shapeways is developing. Already 5 years active in 3D printing on demand it is growing fast. The core of their offering is the management of the process more than the actual printing. Interesting to see.
Techshop, the other big player, ended the event. Techshop is not focused on 3D printing but on making DIY possible in producing goods (and DIY is a fundamental concept in makers movement as also Yuri van Geest showed). The positive use cases Mark Hatch showed did resemble the positive stories we heard in the iOS space a few years ago. Let’s see if they manage to open a branch here in Europe.

So good to have a new event to cover this trend and bringing it to a broader audience.
See further the collection of tweets below.

  1. Just in time for the kick off of #adammakers with @rhymo @ Pakhuis De Zwijger http://instagr.am/p/S0Gc08y3q3/
  2. iskandr
    Acc @chr1sa a makers capital is fueled by a steing design community. #adammakers
  3. cspr72
    Bram Geenen: Making is not a process, it is a network. #adammakers
  4. iskandr
    @vangeest @chr1sa @Rhymo also solidworks, minicad etc? Different level as design culture. Part of the skills of a good design professional
  5. ron_verweij
    Designing new structures, again its about eco-systems #adammakers
  6. iskandr
    Agree RT @vangeest: #adammakers I wonder how Lean Startup tools and principles will be applied to the Maker movement. Strong overlap IMO
  7. vangeest
    #adammakers the DIY / Maker culture is critical for 1. Dealing with mass unemployment 2. Dealing with overhead of incumbents (price /crisis)
  8. vangeest
    #adammakers 3. Dealing with Abundance – creating meaning, art & expression (Burning Man) 4. Age of Imagination
  9. vangeest
    #adammakers Lean, 3D printers are just like laser, DNA and Neuro printers. Same trends, same solutions. My talk is about this convergence.
  10. cspr72
    For maker movement to reach full potential, knowledge should be able to flow and be used freely. #copyright #patents #adammakers
  11. The difference of making 20 mln unique products @bartv of #shapeways #adammakers @ Pakhuis De Zwijger http://instagr.am/p/S0Lfswy3tt/
  12. iskandr
    The service of 3D printing (not the printing itself) has become the core of the Shapeways offering #adammakers
  13. erwblo
    Geweldig Mineways, exporteer Minecraft modellen en laat ze bij Shapeways printen. #adammakers
  14. iskandr
    Wondering if Shapeways will be more a matchmaker between designers and consumers. Mixing Etsy and Thingiverse. #adammakers
  15. iskandr
    Our baseline of innovation is very low. Chaotic Moon Studios. Invention vs innovation. Good innovation is disruptive. #adammakers
  16. erwblo
    @bartv ik vind wel dat je had moeten zeggen dat A’dam kansloos is tov Eindhoven :)
  17. iskandr
    Fear uncertainty doubt. Innovation starters. disbelieve it could work #adammakers
  18. iskandr
    Instigate, collaborate, innovation. In the makers movement people are self selective. Ideas are not worth a mln. Share. #adammakers
  19. metatrends by vangeest DIY as fundament for makers movement #adammakers @ Pakhuis De Zwijger http://instagr.am/p/S0WxDvy3ko/
  20. iskandr
    Kind of new aesthetic execution these pixelized furniture of JorisLaarman.com #adammakers
  21. vangeest
    The Digitale Lean Startups, DIY Bio, DIY Neuro and DIY Production (Makers) communities will be the R&D for Corporations #adammakers
  22. iskandr
    Techshop @markhatch telling success stories of makers like we heard stories a few years ago on iOS app builders #adammakers
  23. iskandr
    Digital piracy of 3D products? Hope that we learn from music and software: open design and use other business models #techshop #adammakers
  24. iskandr
    Probably soon we will see a reality tv format around a techshop workshop :-) #adammakers

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