New Apple goodies

The evening the big 2015 Apple event took place again. A lot of the predictions came out, so no big surprises; a iPad Pro, a new iPhone and Apple TV. This will not mean it will not have an impact.

The iPad Pro was needed as the gap between iPhones and iPad became too little and there is no need for using the iPad anymore for normal tasks. The new iPad is aiming for specialising uses like reading, drawing or professional use. I don’t know about the keyboard but a stylus is very useful for drawing.

Talking on the Apple TV. With the big words in the legacy of Steve Jobs it was to be expected that the result of the reinvention of TV is less excited than hoped. Nevertheless it app model could make it possible to give the TV a new place in the home, especially if the apps can link all devices.

Most interesting is the new step with Siri for interacting with Apple TV. The conversational interface is definitely on the rise and we will see a lot happening. Apple TV can help to accelerate this trend.

The iPhone 6s has two important new things. The force touch -now called 3D Touch- in combination met haptic feedback will create a revolution in the design patterns from mobile devices. Touch and feel is a very powerful design material that has been underestimated till now. Just like a lot of product inventions of Apple the impact is in the detailing and possibilities it unlocks.

The second important introduction seems not so big maybe. The lease option for the phone offered by Apple, a subscription model with guarantee for the latest models now, but this could be very well the first step to a total package of Apple that surpasses the mobile carriers with a software based subscription.

So as always not the direct news is the most important and impactful, the possibilities and hints to the future are.


The hidden next steps of an Apple keynote

Why are those Apple keynotes of new products always that big fun. Of course it is the excitement of the new great products that are introduced. But even more the knowing there are some serious steps ahead which we cannot think of yet. These steps are in a way hidden in the talk.

The real surprises are not anymore the product that is introduced. The secrets are not kept anymore, deliberately or not. The interesting guessing starts only after the speech: what are the real consequences of this new product.

So we have a new iPhone and it is beautiful. But what are the hidden developments this time? Some thoughts.

  • rebranding iPhone OS to iOS is expected to be the sign of making this OS a carrier of a lot of new devices that will be connected: of course the iPad and the expected new AppleTV. But maybe even a small desktop. As Steve put it: “we will be connecting ten million of devices this year”
  • especially on the AppleTV the expectations are high. Will it be just an upgrade of the current concept with the new iOS or will Apple make real TV’s as an intelligent screen. I think the last is not so logic, but there is a chance that the new AppleTV will turn every screen in an internet connected TV by adding live TV capabilities.
  • with the introduction of an open standard for FaceTime the are going for videochat domination in the device world. Well maybe, but it is of course crucial that as many people as possible are FaceTime enabled, you have to obey Metcalfe’s Law.
  • creating a new gesture interface experience with the glass back. Adding tickling-on-the-back features in coming releases will be interesting. Or just adding new sensing possibilities for light our devices will be more an more sensors to our environment.
  • the introduction of iBooks, iMovie, unified inbox and later as expected also iWork shows the cloud computing focus where the device is just the remote control of the mobile life service Apple is providing. Seamless syncing will be a central feature.

Overall I think the new iPhone contributes a lot to the strategy of Apple to keep and expand there share of the market by put real focus on the best device experience and above of all the most balanced ecosystem that will be the key to success. In that manner they will keep there differentiation of other players as Google that never can meet up with this product and service quality. There will be room for both in the market but Apple will prove to make the best profit and lock-in.

2010 the year with new focus and service attitude

It is a tradition on my blog to give some predictions on the coming year. See these for 2009 and 2008 (both in Dutch). I will not look back in detail to see if the predictions came true, in the end it is more a residu of my thinking of that moment, than a serious hitting for the trends to come true. Broader trends are more interesting than one hot wonders, in my opinion, and I’m glad that the predictions of the last two year has started and/or are still developing. As I said last year: the short term developments are always slower, but looking back in a couple of years we will be surprised by the changes.

This said, I will share some thoughts for the coming year; I think this will be a year as a start of a new focus and service attitude.
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De toekomst van de impuls shuffle

Het is een principe dat al een tijdje bekend is. De Pandora muziekdienst was een van de eerste bruikbare toepassingen, je kiest een nummer dat je leuk vindt en de slimme algoritmes voorspellen de volgende muziekjes. doet het ook, en sinds kort is het onderdeel van iTunes en de iPods met de functie Genius. Interessant wordt het dat er ook geluiden zijn dat Apple TV ermee wordt uitgerust en dat het verder gaat dan alleen muziek. Daarmee wordt een nieuw type mediagebruik zichtbaar; de impuls shuffle.

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